NAVAIR partners with ITAMCO to explore blockchain to track aviation parts

NAVIR (The Naval Air Systems Command) fleet readiness center Southwest (FRCSW) advance technologies team has announced it has partnered with Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies (ITAMCO) to explore the use of blockchain to help track aviation parts throughout the parts life-cycle, the company said.

Knowing the origin and history of flight-critical aircraft parts is a resource-consuming process that drives up the cost to operate military aircraft. The Navy hopes to change the way it tracks the lineage of parts. Currently, once parts are delivered to the user, the parts are tracked with pen and paper on a Scheduled Removal Component Card and manually entered into a database. Research has started that hopes to switch the Naval Aviation Enterprise to a permissioned blockchain.

ITAMCO is the developer of SIMBA Chain. SIMBA Chain is a product of an Army lead DARPA project for tracking secure messages using blockchain.

The Fleet Support Team believes the increased visibility and traceability will help NAVAIR support the Naval Air mission with an increased emphasis on safety and at a lower cost than we currently can achieve.

The Navy model will be a permissioned chain with a consensus mechanism requiring less computing power.