Natron Energy, VPS and CE+T to Introduce New Power Platform

Natron Energy, the world provider of Sodium-ion batteries using Prussian Blue chemistry, announced the introduction and production-ready availability of a new Software-Defined Power© Platform developed in collaboration with Virtual Power Systems (VPS), and CE+T, the company said.

The new power platform, available today from CE+T and VPS incorporates Natron´s UL and NFPA855 compliant batteries addressing fire safety risks associated with lithium batteries, accelerating deployments with easier permitting, and enabling seamless deployment of energy on demand. The first system, allocated to a collocation firm, is currently available for virtual demonstration.

The new Software-Defined Power Platform is available today and can be configured for power ratings from 4 to 40kW supporting peak power demands from 5 to 15 minutes. Higher-power configurations up to several hundred kW are available on a custom basis. At these power levels Natron´s NFPA855 complaint batteries significantly improve the building fire and safety permitting process while reducing insurance risk exposure.

Natron Energy manufactures battery products based on a unique Prussian blue chemistry for a wide variety of energy storage applications ranging from critical backup power systems to EV fast charging and behind-the-meter applications. Natron´s batteries are UL 1973 recognized, offer higher power density, faster recharge, and significantly longer cycle life than incumbent technologies.

Virtual Power Systems (VPS) is transforming how next-generation data centers provision, manage and utilize power capacity with its ground-breaking Software-Defined Power® solutions – Power Bursting, Dynamic Power, Power Capacity Management, and Spot Power.
About CE+T

CE+T is a global power products company formed in 1936 with international facilities in Belgium, China, India, and the USA (Atlanta, Georgia and Austin, Texas). CE+T Power designs, manufactures, and provides turn-key power solutions for datacenters, utilities, and C&I customers.