National Funding Scheme – Corporate fundraising

Corporate Fundraising

Dixons Carphone utilised DONATE™ to raise £1,856 for The Mix, a mental health charity supported by the company. Dixons Carphone had previously supported The Mix using paper and cash methods but turned to the text-raffle service to simplify the process and reduce the costs associated with fundraising.

Redundant Stock Raffle

The fundraising method employed by Dixons Carphone involves the raffling of end-of-line stock to its employee base. Discontinued items such as mobile phones and televisions are used as raffle prizes, with employees that donate a set amount to the charity being entered into a prize draw to win the item in question.


Using the National Funding Scheme’s DONATE™ system resulted in higher levels of employee participation, thereby increasing the amount of money raised for The Mix. The text-raffle service brought about a greater digital technology alignment for the event, as well as removing the need for participants to have cash on them to enter. This made the entire process simpler and more cost-effective.

SMS Keyword

Dixons Carphone held three individual raffles, identifying for each an SMS keyword describing the item on offer. Employees of the company could then use their phones to text the keyword to a charity shortcode. Dixons Carphone also chose from a £3, £5 of £10 text raffle ticket price that was then donated to The Mix charity. DONATE™ stored participating mobile numbers and entered them into a randomised draw to select the winners. Dixons Carphone was then notified of the winning numbers so they could contact the winners.