NASCO, Genpact to reimagine US healthcare

NASCO and Genpact (NYSE: G) said they will partner in an effort to address the business operations needs of healthcare plans in the continually evolving US healthcare market.

NASCO and Genpact will transform health plan administration into a digitally-powered operating model that surrounds and extends NASCO´s established, extremely efficient and scalable technology platform.

NASCO, owned by six Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® (BCBS) companies, has selected Genpact as its exclusive business process services partner. Genpact will help NASCO bring greater efficiency to its BCBS customers by streamlining administrative functions, simplifying compliance with regulatory changes, and improving services to both BCBS members and other healthcare providers.

The partnership will provide BCBS customers an end-to-end shared service. Initially, NASCO and Genpact will focus on improvements to claims administration and operations of both member and provider contact centers. The business process services solutions will also be made available to all BCBS companies — not just those using the NASCO platform.

Genpact and NASCO will collect data about current BCBS business processes, analyze that data, and then develop organizational operations models that allow use of proven digital technologies such as rapid automation (RA).

These new operations models will also take advantage of intelligent enterprise analytics to identify potential areas of operational improvement, and will be designed to be easily scaled and adapted to meet evolving regulatory and market needs.

NASCO was established in 1987 as an integrated claims processing system for Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies´ national healthcare business, and it has since evolved into a total payer solution. Today, NASCO provides an integrated suite of products to support the processing and servicing of national and local business, Medicare Advantage, FEP and public and private exchange business, and the company has earned a reputation for bridging the payer gap with quality support and personal service.

Genpact has been operating in the healthcare industry for over a decade, including serving eight of the top ten US health plans from seven delivery locations in the US and across the globe.