NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, University of Alabama collaborate on advanced, in-space manufacturing

NASA has announced its Alabama-based Marshall Space Flight Center plans to collaborate with University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa on advance and in-space manufacturing, the company said.

Artemis is NASA´s path to the Moon and the next step in human exploration of our solar system. Through Artemis, NASA will land the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024, assisted by innovative partners, technologies and systems. NASA is investing in innovative in-space manufacturing technologies — such as additive manufacturing, in-situ resource utilization, advanced welding — that will aid in developing the technological solutions needed to enable human missions to the Moon, Mars and other deep space destinations.

Marshall has worked with the University of Alabama through multiple Space Act Agreements since 2015. Now, the university will enhance its core curriculum in areas of advanced and in-space manufacturing and foster new collaborations to further this emerging technology. Through Space Act Agreements and other partnership mechanisms, NASA shares resources, personnel and expertise, facilities and equipment, and technology to advance aerospace research or achieve mission goals.

Marshall is the lead center for NASA´s In-space Manufacturing Project, which develops additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, technologies to enable print on-demand replacement parts for equipment and machines operating on the International Space Station. NASA´s continued investments and innovations in in-space additive manufacturing technologies will enable the autonomy and sustainability required to live and work in space, as NASA looks to establish a permanent presence at the Gateway, lunar surface and destinations further out into the solar system.