NASA to advance understanding of space weather

NASA has announced it has selected three proposals to conduct concept studies of missions that could help with understanding of the dynamic space weather system driven by the Sun that manifests near Earth, NASA said.

The proposals examine what drives different parts of that system and ultimately could help us predict and mitigate its effects on spacecraft and astronauts, as NASA´s Artemis program looks to send the first woman and the next man to the Moon by 2024.

Each of these Heliophysics Mission of Opportunity proposals will receive USD 400,000 to conduct a nine-month mission concept study. After the study period, NASA will choose one proposal to go forward to launch. Each potential mission has a separate launch opportunity and time frame.

The proposals were selected based on potential science value and feasibility of development plans. The total cost for the mission ultimately chosen will be capped at $55 million and is funded by NASA´s Heliophysics Explorers´ program.