NASA, Roscosmos release statement on leak at International Space Station

NASA and the Russian space agency Roscosmos have released a joint statement regarding the investigation into a pressure leak on the International Space Station August 29-30, the organizations said.

Roscosmos announced a decision to establish a Roscosmos-led Commission to investigate the cause of the leak in the Soyuz (MS-09/55S) spacecraft currently docked to the station.

The agencies agreed to defer any preliminary conclusions and explanations until the final investigation has been completed.

Both agencies affirmed the necessity of further close interaction between NASA and Roscosmos technical teams in identifying and eliminating the cause of the leak, as well as continuation of normal ISS operations and NASA´s ongoing support of the Roscosmos-led Soyuz investigation. They acknowledged the entire crew is dedicated to the safe operation of the station and all docked spacecraft to ensure mission success.