NASA Interstellar Space Travel report to Congress includes presentation of MIFTI's Star Trek fusion propulsion

US Nuclear has announced NASA invited MIFTI-MIFTEC President and Chief Scientist, Dr. Hafiz Rahman, present his fusion energy technology at the Tennessee Valley Advanced Interstellar Propulsion Workshop (TVIW) in Wichita, Kansas, the company said.

The workshop was requested by Congress with support from TVIW to explore the top technologies that can be used for deep space travel.

Dr. Rahman´s 36-page presentation titled Staged Z-Pinch, A Target for Fusion and Possible Source for Interstellar Propulsion discusses MIFTI´s latest developments. MIFTI´s fusion generators could become the standard propulsion system for space travel, and also have the potential to provide unlimited, low-cost, clean energy for the earth, moon bases, and planetary colonization.

Congress and NASA are now drafting a roadmap in preparation for interstellar research missions which could be launched by 2069 or sooner.