NASA collaborates with French aerospace lab on sonic boom prediction research

NASA has announced it has agreed to collaborate with France´s Office National d´Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales (ONERA), the French national aerospace research center that could make supersonic passenger flights over land practical, the organization said.

The collaboration could result in dramatically reducing travel time in the United States and around the world, the organization said.

NASA and ONERA agreed to collaborate on research predicting where sonic booms will be heard as supersonic aircraft fly overhead. This could lead to alleviating the effects of the loud noise caused by sonic booms.

The agreement, signed during bilateral meetings held in conjunction with the 2018 Farnborough International Air Show in the United Kingdom, is the 12th agreement between the two organizations and the third that is still active. The most recent agreement, signed in September 2016, involved collaboration on aircraft noise research.