NASA, BSN collaborate on solution for orthostatic intolerance

BSN medical has collaborated with NASA to develop a specialized gradient compression garment for protection against post-spaceflight orthostatic intolerance–the inability to stand upright without experiencing a rapid heart rate, low blood pressure (hypotension), lightheadedness or feeling faint upon return to Earth´s gravity, the company said.

Astronauts who live in space, even for short periods of time, experience physiological adaptations that have noticeable consequences once they return to Earth´s gravity. These include changes to balance, coordination, muscle strength, blood volume, and blood pressure regulation, and may impact an astronaut´s ability to perform basic tasks such as standing and walking. According to a study of veteran astronauts, up to 83 percent returning from long duration ( less than one month) spaceflight experienced these physiological changes during post-flight evaluation.

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