NASA awards contract to KBRwyle to shape commercialization of low-earth orbit Contract

KBR, Inc. (NYSE: KBR) has announced that KBRwyle, its global government services business, has been awarded a contract from NASA to study the future of commercial enterprise in low-Earth orbit (LEO), including long-range opportunities for the International Space Station (ISS), the company said.

KBRwyle will assess the potential growth of a LEO market and how to offer affordable access to LEO. It will also analyze how to foster demand for commercial and government use of LEO platforms and capabilities. KBRwyle will study specific industry concepts like the viability of habitable platforms including the space station and separate free-flying structures.

KBRwyle will also provide NASA with recommendations on the role of the government and the space station in developing and growing a commercial economy in LEO.

According to NASA, the findings from these studies will help it, the administration and Congress develop a strategic approach to growing opportunities for American industry. The application of these results will expand access to LEO and stimulate a vibrant and competitive industrial base for continued US leadership in space.

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