NASA announces passing of former GESTAR director

Universities Space Research Association (USRA) has announced Dr. William Corso, Director, Goddard Earth Sciences, Technology, and Research (GESTAR) passed away on September 11, 2018, the association said.

Corso served as the Director, Goddard Earth Sciences, Technology, and Research (GESTAR) Cooperative Agreement at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from 2011. GESTAR staff conduct research collaboratively, mainly within GSFC´s Earth Sciences Division, but also with Solar Systems Exploration Division, and support the Office of Communications.

The team led by Universities Space Research Association (USRA) includes Morgan State University, Johns Hopkins University, I.M. Systems Group and Global Science and Technology. Under Bill´s leadership, the GESTAR collaboration was extended for a period of 5 years and during the past year, GESTAR continued to be among major NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Partnerships, led by USRA.

Corso managed approximately 190 staff members at GESTAR who conducted research in diverse areas ranging from Microwave Instrument Technology, Information Science and Technology, Earth Sciences, to Biospheric Sciences, and Planetary Environments. Bill was always inspirational and encouraging, and had a passion for sharing his learnings, for music, for storytelling, for travel, for family, and for life itself.

Prior to joining USRA, Dr. Corso was at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and served in several capacities during his four-year tenure (Acting Director of the Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, National Ocean Service Technical Director, and Deputy Assistant Administrator for the National Ocean Service).

The Universities Space Research Association (USRA) is a nonprofit corporation chartered to advance space-related science, technology and engineering.