NantEnergy announces deployment of rechargeable battery system

NantEnergy has announced a breakthrough in its six-year mission to develop the world´s first scalable air breathing zinc rechargeable battery system at a manufacturing cost below USD 100 kWh and to operate this intelligent digitally controlled system on a global scale, the company said.

This green rechargeable battery, an air-breathing cell, uses just zinc and air, integrated with digitally controlled intelligence. The energy system is monitored in real time in the cloud and has been successfully deployed in nine countries with more than 3,000 systems supporting 110 villages and 1,000 installations across cell tower sites.

Over 100 patents cover this breakthrough zinc-air technology which represents an important alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

NantEnergy´s rechargeable green, air breathing zinc battery technology has now broken the manufacturing cost barrier of USD 100 per kilowatt hour, announced at the One Planet Summit. Manufacturing at scale will be available in 2019, providing a competitive source of energy compared to other energy storage technologies, making carbon free energy affordable and accessible in developing countries.

NantEnergy, formerly Fluidic Energy, is dedicated to accelerating the worldwide transformation to clean, reliable energy through its innovative and intelligent energy storage solutions. Enabled by groundbreaking battery technology and smart-grid intelligence, NantEnergy designs, manufactures and markets long-duration energy storage solutions globally.