N2Surplus, Linortek partner to market advanced monitoring tech

N2Surplus said it has made two major changes to its marketing options that provide salutary benefits for its customer base.

Both of these changes involve satisfying marketing trends and customer needs in today´s rapidly evolving economy. The company´s shipping policy no longer includes free shipping, which actually saves most customers money. Shipping industrial salvage from Roanoke across the world often involves using multiple carriers that handle heavy equipment. Unfortunately, offering free shipping forced the company to raise prices for all its inventory. The new policy distributes costs more equitably.

Although the company specializes in reclaiming viable surplus for residential, commercial and industrial repurposing, N2Surplus now partners with technology startup Linortek to sell its Koda and Netbell original technology products.

Linortek products can be classified as industrial-automation equipment and as Internet-of-Things technologies. The Koda Ethernet Relay I/O controllers enable real-time monitoring of equipment, emails and remote events. Engineered on the TCP IP platform, the controllers have a built-in Web server so that any small business can use the application to manage multiple areas of their businesses remotely.

N2Surplus was founded to offer new and used equipment at extraordinary savings by leveraging salvage, surplus and scrapped or discontinued goods.