MySize begins commercial phase of KatzID rollout

MySize Inc. (NASDAQ: MYSZ; TASE: MYSZ), developer of proprietary, smartphone measurement applications, has completed the beta-pilot testing phase and the beginning of the commercial phase of the KatzID, a courier measurement application(app) developed by MySize, the company said.

KatzID is a customized, white label version of an intuitive parcel measurement app that empowers employees to easily and quickly measure the size of a parcel and calculate its exact shipping cost. KatzID also provides the courier company with additional abilities and stream of accurate logistics data such as barcode scanning, package pictures, location and more which connect to Katz´ ERP system to better manage their delivery processes.

Katz Corporation is the second largest delivery company in Israel. The company has more than 550 employees and delivers more than five million packages annually.

MySize has developed a unique measurement technology based on sophisticated algorithms and cutting edge technology with broad applications including apparel industry, e-commerce, shipping and parcel industry measurement. This proprietary technology is driven by several patent-pending algorithms which are able to calculate and record measurements in a variety of novel ways.