Myriad Mobile acquires Nebraska-based iNet Solutions Group

Myriad Mobile (Myriad), a full-service mobile and web application development company, has announced it has acquired Omaha-based ag technology company iNet Solutions Group (iNet), the company said.

It´s a strategic union, as iNet has built out a robust web portal, Content Management System (CMS) and broad customer base in the ag industry with its FarmCentric platform that complements Myriad´s mobile grain platform, called Bushelâ„¢. Bushel is the grain industry´s first native automated mobile app platform for elevators and cooperatives to connect with their growers and deliver real-time actionable information via a custom elevator-branded mobile app.

Bushel currently serves more than 5,000 growers and more than 180 grain elevators across the Midwest and Canada. iNet, on the other hand, boasts serving more than three dozen grain companies accounting for nearly 700 elevator locations across the country as well as providing services for livestock, trade associations, publishers, ag retailers, market advisors and other agribusinesses.

Myriad Mobile is an enterprise software development company specializing in ag tech, focused on design, development, and strategy, and headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota with multiple Midwest locations. Founded in 2011, the firm creates custom mobile-first software applications and technology platforms, including Android, iOS, Web, API integrations, virtual and augmented reality, beacons, IoT and wearables.

iNet Solutions Group, founded in 2004 is a technology company with a focus on agriculture. The Omaha, Nebraska-based company is agriculture´s app developer, providing solutions including native apps, mobile, websites, communications tools, and integrating custom applications into the FarmCentric platform. iNet´s more than 65 clients in agriculture include grain elevators, livestock, associations, publishers, ag retailers, market advisors, enterprises, trade shows, and other agribusinesses.