mycelebs develops new A.I. voice service

mycelebs, a Korean AI application startup, has released ´Malhae´, a new voice-based service that brings a new approach to the smart speaker and virtual assistant market, the company said.

´Malhae´ means ´Just Say It´ in Korean.

mycelebs designed a new AI-based cognitive classification system, Dynamic Ontology, that uses machine learning technologies, such as color analysis, image recognition and other high-level machine/deep learning technologies along with natural language understanding technologies to classify data by people´s tastes, preferences, sentiments, context (time, place and occasion), and categorical characteristics, such as color aesthetics, texture and material.

Dynamic Ontology makes it possible to analyze and derive insights from lifelog data found online, on platforms such as social media, and classify those insights in terms of natural language that can be easily understood. This new technology is used to create Keytalks, the next generation in keyword tagging that forms the basis of Malhae´s voice recognition system.

Users can speak naturally, the same way they would in conversation, when using Malhae thanks to Keytalks, which understand the core intent and context of user utterances and provide results based on user tastes. A Keytalk is the term used to classify basic units of search information from voice-based interface services.

While expressed in a similar form to keywords, Keytalks are different in that they do not just match words to the documents, but include a structure consisting of closeness and similarity between words and expressions, as well as attribute data such as color aesthetics, texture and material.

mycelebs, Inc. ( is an AI application group that uses AI technologies to develop services that can be immediately adapted to your business. mycelebs created the Big Data Studio, an all-in-one tool for automating data collection/processing, visualization, machine learning and real-time updates, and has worked with top Korean businesses in sectors such as hotels, tv/streaming, restaurants and recipes, as well as others to help them undergo an AI transformation and boost business competitiveness.