MWI Animal Health UK Launch to Support Veterinary Clinic's Virtual Healthcare Needs

MWI Animal Health UK, a animal health solutions company within the United Kingdom and a part of AmerisourceBergen, has announced the launch of new technology-enabled practice management solutions that will allow veterinarians to address specific health needs while staying virtually engaged with clients, the company said.

The technology offerings will create seamless connectivity between practices and patients to help practices maintain the highest standards of care as both veterinary clinics and patients continue to adhere to social distancing measures in place to help slow the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Expanding on its already robust and effective practice management solutions, MWI UK will launch two new offerings to help veterinary practices drive operational performance and improve outcomes.

The video teleconsulting technology enables direct, virtual interaction between veterinary practices and patients regardless of location to communicate, examine and even treat household pets remotely. Pet owners do not need to download additional software and can access the telehealth consulting on any modern device and all major browsers. By offering easy-to-use video teleconsulting, practices can determine if in-person care is necessary or if treatment can take place remotely or be postponed — a particularly critical decision during times of social distancing.

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