Mutualink deploys in Lake County Schools

The Lake County (Florida) School Board has approved the funding and purchase of Mutualink´s interoperable communications solution, the company said.

Lake County joins many other Florida county school districts deploying Mutualink in the wake of the tragic Parkland school shooting in February of this year.

The school safety solution, to be installed in August, will enable real-time, instant coordination between schools and law enforcement. Teachers and administrators will now be able to instantly alert and collaborate with public safety in an emergency.

Publicly reported information following the Parkland incident points to the inability of first responders to communicate by radio inside the schools, and problems accessing critical video and information.

Mutualink, Inc., incorporated in Connecticut in 2006, provides secure interoperable communications and information sharing solutions for schools (including four Florida counties), emergency management, first responders, and private security and protective service providers worldwide. Based in Wallingford, CT, Mutualink is a privately owned company with research and development facilities near Boston, MA and Dallas, TX and in Mayaguez, PR. For more information, visit