MUOS Labs develop 4 new military antennas

Military Communications Research and Development company MUOS Labs has developed and released four new antenna models adding to its existing broad line of UHF SATCOM & MUOS Military Antennas.

The new antennas are available in various forms and options that are intended for use by the US Military for aerial, maritime or terrestrial applications. Most models take advantage of the recently released Mobile User Objective System (MUOS).

This is the next generation, narrow band military Satellite Communication (SATCOM) System deployed to address the challenges of conventional technologies and the mobility requirements for tomorrow´s Military and Defense.

MUOS will provide dramatic increases in military communications, with simultaneous voice, video and data communications in remote and rugged terrains, unaffected by weather, foliage or environmental elements virtually anywhere in the world.

The new MUOS SATCOM System is now being implemented by the Department of Defense (DOD). It will extend the communication capabilities of mobile users (e.g. aerial and maritime platforms, ground vehicles and dismounted soldiers) far beyond their lines-of-sight.