Mundo Pacífico Chooses IP Infusion, WhiteStack for Deploying HyperNET in Latin America

IP Infusion, a provider of network disaggregation solutions for telecom and data communications operators, has announced that Mundo Pacifico, a Chile-based telecommunications provider, is increasing its network capacity for major cities in central Chile by deploying IP Infusion´s OcNOS® network operating system and HyperNET, a software-defined IP network based on Cassini (the Coherent Switch developed within the Telecom Infra Project), the company said.

HyperNET is based on Cassini, a disaggregated coherent switch and open packet transponder from Edgecore Networks, that provides high performance switching along with long-haul CFP2 coherent optics modules. Contrary to the traditional approaches, Cassini collapses the Optical to the IP layers in a single platform, making it very efficient for managing huge volumes of traffic.

By using CFP2-DCO (Digital Coherent Optics) from vendors such as Acacia Communications, Mundo Pacifico created the highest capacity network in the region, interconnecting cities and villages with trunks of 200 or 400 Gbps to cover significant distances with no need of external optical amplification in most cases.

The networking Stack is based on OcNOS from IP Infusion, the industry´s first full-featured network OS for white box disaggregated network solutions and provides seamless transition from traditional networks to open networks. Instead of a vendor locked-in solution, a disaggregated networking model allows network operators to build and manage open networks, while rapidly deploying new networking features and services at less TCO. OcNOS features advanced capabilities, such as extensive switching and routing protocol support. By leveraging TIP´s TAI (Transponder Abstraction Interface), OcNOS easily supports coherent optical modules from any conformant vendor, in a uniform way.

The network architecture was designed by the Mundo Pacifico architecture team. WhiteStack provided an end-to-end integration of switching and optical technology, and WhiteStack´s automation layer for provisioning services, in real time, as key Value-Added service.

Mundo Pacifico is the Triple Play operator that records the highest growth rates in the central region of Chile. Founded in Concepción 20 years ago, it has maintained a policy of innovation, sustained and agile methodologies in expanding the network, allowing them to be more cost efficient than the rest of the industry. They offer Internet, Television and Telephony services, from the Fifth to the Eighth region. For more information, visit

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