MultiTech Responds to Accelerating Nationwide Demand

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a global supplier of Industrial IoT communication devices and services, has announced a special offer to enables teachers, students and families to optimize pandemic-related Federal grant money to secure a remote connection for entire student populations — including the 40% without broadband Internet access at home, the company said.

Targeted at systems integrators and IT services organizations working with educational communities, the solution leverages the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and traditional public cellular networks, where available, to seamlessly connect Chromebooks, laptops and Wi-Fi routers to Private LTE OnGo networks in order to extend Internet service to students in their homes. In addition, this solution helps to contain costs and protect students and faculty from unwanted, unsavory content and or potential security and privacy issues.

MultiTech´s OnGo devices, the first of their kind, are now discounted for the educational community to speed adoption and help ensure every student can connect to virtual learning during the pandemic and beyond. They connect a wide range of educational assets to dedicated private LTE OnGo networks and traditional cellular networks, where available.

CBRS is 150 MHz of spectrum — ranging from 3550 — 3700 MHz — in the 3.5 GHz band. Used sparingly by the U.S government and other entities, this band was identified by the FCC as additional spectrum for shared wireless private broadband. OnGo, the name of the wireless services within the CBRS band, enables easy deployment of Private LTE networks ideal for distance learning, not only for its cost efficiency and security, but to enables Internet connectivity for rural and underserved locations where neither public cellular nor Wi-Fi networks exist.

For 2020, MultiTech has partnered with select distributors to offer special pricing to the education community to enable Chromebook and notebook connectivity, Broadband access + in-home Wi-Fi.

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