Multiscreen advertising for linear TV over IP platforms demonstrated by BlackArrow

Advanced advertising solutions provider BlackArrow has announced new technology which bridges the gap between traditional linear TV ad sales and ad execution on new platforms to extend premium pay-TV advertising to new screens.

At the September 2012 CableLabs Linear and IP Ad Interop event in Louisville, CO, BlackArrow previewed a new set of services and interfaces, collectively called linear extensions for dynamic ad insertion, which are designed to seamlessly blend the outputs from traditional linear TV ad systems with dynamic ad insertion capabilities.

Consisting of services that manage linear schedules, linear placement opportunities, ad decisioning, subscriber and zone information services, as well as services which interface with the new CableLabs Event Signaling and Messaging specification, the BlackArrow technology enables pay-TV operators to monetise linear TV delivered to tablets and other IP devices in a number of ways, including:

Linear replication, which uses linear schedule ingest and real-time dynamic ad insertion to replicate, on tablets and IP devices, the original linear TV ads; and linear addressability, which combines subscriber information from the BlackArrow subscriber information service product and real-time dynamic ad insertion to deliver household-addressable linear TV advertising to any platform.

BlackArrow is privately held, and backed by Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO), Comcast Ventures, Intel Capital (NASDAQ: INTC), Mayfield Fund, Motorola Mobility Ventures, Polaris Venture Partners and Time Warner Cable. The company has offices in New York City and San Jose, Calif.