MTX introduces Corona virus/disease monitoring app for airports, government agencies, health officials

MTX Group, Inc. has announced the launch of a disease monitoring and control app that provides monitoring for the rapid spread of diseases, most recently the Coronavirus outbreak, the company said.

MTX provides state government agencies, health officials and airports with real-time insights in predicting at-risk communities, disease growth rates. The app also provides immediate clinical attention to individuals most affected and prevents the spread to at-risk communities.

MTX is also expanding the application to provide local health organizations similar capabilities for treating patients with symptoms or people who are at risk of being in close contact with the Coronavirus. It provides a centralized monitoring and control system that enables actionable insights to mobilize the necessary resources quickly while adhering to all the required government data privacy and security laws.

MTX Group, Inc is a global cloud technology partner that enables organizations to become a fit enterprise through digital transformation and strategy. MTX is powered by the Maverick Artificial Intelligence platform and has deep expertise in the public sector providing proprietary designs and innovative concept accelerators.