Moven Enterprise expands availability of AI smart-banking solution

Moven Enterprise, the smart-banking solutions division of Movencorp, Inc, has announced that it has expanded its footprint globally to help banks deepen their digital customer engagement and drive new revenue streams while significantly reducing attrition and acquisition costs, the company said.

After working successfully with TD Bank (TD) in Canada, Westpac in New Zealand, and others, Moven is now bringing its AI-driven digital banking platform to banks across LatAm, APAC, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

The global expansion is well-positioned as Moven Enterprise received investment from SBI Group to enhance Moven´s footprint in Asia earlier this year. This included the formation of a joint venture, SBI Moven Asia. The company´s innovative platform leverages a bank´s data and uses proprietary algorithms to create contextual, individualized smart-banking experiences for consumers; providing them the right advice at the right time with the right offer and helping them move towards a better financial lifestyle.

Moven Enterprise, headquartered in NYC, is the technology solution division of Movencorp, Inc., launched by Brett King, Moven´s executive chairman and founder. Moven Enterprise is the mobile smart-banking technology platform which is proven to reduce attrition rates, drive new revenue streams and significantly reduce customer acquisition costs for banks. Moven Enterprise´s technology solutions empower banks to offer a turnkey, modular, AI-driven, mobile-banking PFE (personal financial experience) to customers.