Movandi Announces USD 27M Series C to Accelerate 5G Network Deployments

Movandi, a provider of new 5G Millimeter Wave (mmWave) networks, has announced a USD 27 million Series C funding round to further accelerate and extend the range of real world 5G mmWave deployments, the company said.

WRVI Capital led this current round of financing along with Cota Capital and DNX Ventures.

Movandi´s 5G mmWave solutions include 5G BeamXR active routers/repeaters and BeamX RF front-end for fixed wireless CPE, mobile devices, small cells, and Open Radio Access Networks (ORAN) radio units (RU). These products accelerate deployments across the complete 5G ecosystem from consumer and enterprise market segments, and applications from IoT, mobile, artificial Intelligence (AI), software defined networks and automotive.

The funding will enable Movandi to ramp and expand their active router/repeater platform, RF front-end, and ORAN radio units. Movandi will also grow its teams in Irvine, California and Australia to continue developing its innovative integrated circuits, antennas, systems, and algorithms, while delivering 5G routers that expand 5G coverage and act as repeaters for a wide range of 5G applications. These repeaters provide compelling cost savings and drive down the CAPEX and OPEX for 5G operators.

Movandi has already attracted the attention of the wireless industry, including recognition from the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), CNBC and Fast company, as one of the most disruptive technologies in 5G mmWave. Movandi technology deployments are planned across the world´s top wireless operators this year.

Movandi is a 5G mmWave solutions company with a mission to revolutionize 5G Everywhere. Its flexible solutions solve 5G mmWave deployment cost and schedule challenges and provide future-proof solutions utilizing mesh and routing to further improve 5G coverage and capacity.

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