Motorola Solutions, Avigilon Video Systems to Safeguard Alabama Supermarkets

Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) and Avigilon Corporation, a Motorola Solutions company, have announced that they have been selected to help protect Marino´s Market in Alabama, the companies said .

With over 18,000 customers shopping each week at its two store locations, it is crucial for Marino´s Market to protect its business from customer theft, false liability claims, shrinkage and procurement issues.

To address these concerns, Marino´s Market deployed a security system that provides greater visibility throughout their stores to help ensure that employees follow cash handling procedures correctly and track down deliveries. Since deploying a comprehensive Avigilon and Motorola Solutions system, Marino´s Market has seen an improvement in the efficiency of its security operations by 75% and its shrinkage has been reduced by 50%.

Marino´s Market worked with integrator American Video & Alarm, Inc. to install a complete Avigilon and Motorola Solutions security system. The new system features Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, an Access Control Manager™ system and a suite of Avigilon cameras including the H4 Mini Dome and H4 Pro models as well as the H4 Multisensor, H4 Fisheye, H4A Bullet and H4 IR PTZ cameras, which feature self-learning video analytics.

Marino´s Market also uses Motorola Solutions CLS1410 two-way radios to enable efficient communication between store managers. The Avigilon video security system helps take care of the detection aspect of security while Motorola Solutions radios help easily maintain fast communication between managers in the moments that matter most.

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