Morrisons to revive Safeway brand

Supermarket chain Morrisons plans to bring back the Safeway brand, the company revealed on Tuesday.

The new Safeway-branded products will not be available in Morrisons’ own stores, but will be sold wholesale to independent retailers.

Morrisons took over the Safeway business in 2004 and the brand disappeared from the UK as the former Safeway stores were converted to Morrisons or sold.

But now the Bradford-based retailer is developing a range of hundreds of convenience products under the Safeway brand which will be on the shelves of independent retailers from early next year.

Announcing the move, Morrisons said that it will “leverage its sourcing and unique food maker skills to give independent retailers’ customers access to great quality products”.

The company also announced plans to pilot a convenience food offer in ten Rontec petrol station shops.

Four Morrisons Daily shops will open before Christmas and a further six in January. The stores will be up to 3,000 sq ft in size, and will sell branded and Morrisons’ own brand products.

This comes just a year after the supermarket group sold its chain of 140 ‘M local’ convenience stores.

The new Morrisons Daily shops will be supplied by Morrisons via wholesaler Palmer & Harvey.

Morrisons is already trialling a convenience offer with another petrol forecourt operator, Motor Fuel Group.

David Potts, chief executive of Morrisons, described the two new initiatives as “capital light ways of growing in the convenience food market”.

He added: “By working with well-established partners and reviving the Safeway brand, we are making our products more accessible to more customers.”