Morpheus Data CMP simplifies multi-cloud management

Morpheus Data rolled out enhancements to its next-gen multi-cloud management platform (CMP) in support of hybrid IT projects at large enterprises and service providers.

Having recently received a Best of VMworld Award for Agile Operations and Automation and achieving the top vendor ranking on for CMP, this announcement reinforces Morpheus´ applicability for commercial platforms like VMware as well as open source and cloud-native frameworks.

Morpheus gives hybrid IT organizations the ability to take advantage of open source agility and manage multi-cloud environments which include OpenStack without adding incremental complexity. With the latest software release Morpheus is simplifying OpenStack management by enabling customers to directly orchestrate actions from the Morpheus interface.

Morpheus Data, LLC is the entity behind the Morpheus unified orchestration platform, the only enterprise software solution to provide a systematic approach to cloud optimization, multi-cloud governance, DevOps automation, and application modernization.