Montana Department of Transportation launches online resale service

The Montana Department of Transportation recently launched the Aeronautics Inventory Resale service as part of a suite of services offered by the Aeronautics Division, the department said.

The new inventory resale service provides users, mainly private and public airports, the ability to purchase various airport maintenance items online.

In the past, users called in to the Aeronautics Division to order parts. Aeronautics Division staff manually tracked inventory and input orders. Now, users can log in to the new service, select items they have ordered in the past or view the entire list of items available, and order them at any time.

The service indicates items that are in stock and available, allowing users to see if the item they need is available. Additionally, a user can order items and ship to a different agency if they desire. The service offers users the ability to pay via credit card or eCheck.

The Montana Aeronautics Division resale program consists of replacement parts that are available for Montana private and public use airports to purchase as well as some other aviation related items.

The Aeronautics Division keeps an inventory of parts and lamps for runway lighting systems, PAPI and VASI approach lighting systems, airport rotating beacons, windsocks and frames. They also assist airports in locating hard to find parts for old lighting systems and other items that may be difficult to locate.