Moncton establishes network presence at Fibre Centre

The city of Moncton, the “Hub City” of the Maritimes in Atlantic Canada, has established a network presence with Fibre Centre at 770 St George Blvd, in Moncton, a network-neutral data center and interconnection facility in Atlantic Canada, the company said.

Prior to the development of Fibre Centre there was no physical place to directly access all of the networks in and traversing the region thus limiting the reach and capabilities of the networks as well as the collective economic development of the businesses and people that operate and live within Atlantic Canada.

Fibre Centre is a network-neutral data center and interconnection facility located at 770 St George Blvd in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The business was created to provide an important and strategic access point to the numerous fiber-based submarine and terrestrial carrier networks that pass through the Province of New Brunswick, the hub of Atlantic Canada, creating economic development and growth opportunities for the region.