Mon-K Data launches operating system enclosed in USB key

Mon-K Data Protection Ltd. has launched Secure-K Personal Edition, a mobile device with double encryption enclosed in an operating system in a USB key with military level security, the company said.

The system includes Secure-Mail, Secure-Chat and Secure-Web to encrypted email, chats, on-line calls and anonymous Internet navigation, the company said.

In order to keep saved data secure and recover it, Mon-K has inserted a backup and recovery encryption system: DigitalArx, a cloud-computing solution with high security standards and data encryption that not even the administrators are able to unlock. DigitalArx also allows information to be shared and synchronized.

Secure-K Personal is multi-platformed, equipped with Secure-K OS, requires no software installation and functions on almost any PC. The two levels of encryption, hardware and software, provide the maximum level of security.

Mon-K Data Protection Ltd is a technological scale up focused on IT security and data protection. The company offers two principle products directly to businesses and individual consumers to protect and encrypt sensitive data, photo and documents.