Molex renovates Lisle headquarters

Data communications technology provider Molex has completed extensive renovations to an existing building on the campus of its Lisle headquarters, the company said.

The Molex Vision Center highlights transformative workspace concepts, smart lighting and other network-connected solutions to boost productivity, encourage healthy lifestyles, and serve a dynamic and dispersed workforce.

The building features nonconventional individual workspaces with square footage allocated equally to all employees regardless of seniority. White noise minimizes distractions for improved concentration.

Ergonomic, height-adjustable desks provide the choice to work sitting or standing for increased circulation and mental alertness. The layout promotes scalable densification and allows for more square footage dedicated to common zones and collaboration areas.

The intelligent, low-voltage Molex Transcend Network Connected Lighting System powers and controls LED fixtures for lighting that adapts to mood, tasks and ambient conditions. Overhead lighting dynamically adjusts energy and intensity in response to natural daylight changes. The connectivity to the network allows for continuous monitoring of the Molex Vision Center for air quality and temperature, and real-time energy consumption.

Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, medical, industrial, automotive, and commercial vehicle.