Molex improves automotive module design

Molex has improved its design and testing of illuminated USB connectivity modules used in automotive dashboards through a collaboration with Radiant Vision Systems, the company said.

By utilizing Radiant´s ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter, Molex design engineers have enhanced their design, measurement, and production capabilities for illuminated components, such as halo lighting on USB ports and auxiliary jacks.

The use of LED lighting for connectivity modules has become common for automotive design teams. Part of that design includes maintaining uniform color and brightness as well as ensuring the harmonization of all in-vehicle lighting. Molex offers in-house expertise to its automotive customers to advise on the use of lighting and light measurement.

Molex develops its own lighting systems, combining LEDs with custom diffuse polycarbonate material to create lighting solutions that meets their customers´ needs. The lighting improves the appearance of the car while providing wayfinding for connecting personal devices.

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