Molecular Products Group acquires SODASORB business from Henkel

Molecular Products Group has announced the acquisition of chemical and consumer goods provider Henkel´s SODASORB business, the company said.

Molecular Products Group said adding the SODASORB product line to its product portfolio will enhance the company´s ability to respond to growing market demands and benefit its global customer base, while strengthening its position as a leader in carbon dioxide absorbent technologies.

Molecular Products is an Arlington Capital Partners portfolio company and a manufacturer of advanced chemistry-based products serving the aerospace, defense, healthcare and industrial markets. The company specializes in the manufacture and supply of chemical technologies for the treatment of breathable gases and serves its global customer base.

Arlington Capital Partners is a Washington, DC-area private equity firm that has managed USD 2.2bn of committed capital via four investment funds. Arlington is focused on middle market investment opportunities in growth industries, including: aerospace/defense, healthcare, government services and technology, and business services and software.

The SODASORB product range includes carbon dioxide absorbents which have been trusted globally for decades in the healthcare and safety industries. SODASORB products help to safely and efficiently remove carbon dioxide from anesthesia systems, saturation diving chambers, diving re-breathers, and industrial safety equipment.