Mobvista acquires NativeX for USD25m

Asia-based mobile advertising company Mobvista has acquired NativeX, which specializes in successful monetization and advertising through their innovative native ad technology for mobile games and apps.

The deal is valued at 160 million yuan (an all cash transaction of USD25 million).

Once the transaction is completed, NativeX will become a subsidiary of Mobvista, Rob Weber will continue as CEO of NativeX, and Vice President of the Mobvista Group.

Mobvista operates a worldwide mobile ad network, receiving more than 10 billion daily impressions from integrated ad spots and websites across more than 240 countries. Founded in 2013, Mobvista has successfully developed billions of overseas users for thousands of clients. Mobvista has also been instrumental in helping many mobile games achieve significant success in Southeast Asia. In November 2015, the company had a listed market value of more than 6 billion yuan.

Mobvista specializes in global mobile advertising and overseas game publishing. As an industry leading mobile advertising platform, Mobvista covers users from more than 240 countries and regions, reaching over 10 billion daily impressions through boosting technology innovation and excellent customized service.