Mobilitie to deliver high-speed wireless to Tulsa International Airport

Mobilitie has announced it has partnered with the Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust (TAIT) to deliver a wireless infrastructure at the Tulsa International Airport, the company said.

TAIT is committed to providing seamless passenger experiences via services and facilities uniquely aligned with evolving technology landscapes. TAIT recognizes the importance of high-speed wireless coverage and its impact on both travelers and airport staff. To help deliver on its vision of seamless and reliable connectivity, TAIT chose Mobilitie to design, deploy and operate a next-generation network infrastructure for all those who travel through the Tulsa International Airport.

Tulsa International Airport services over three million travelers per year and hosts six of the nation´s largest airlines offering flights nationwide.

As a neutral-host network provider, Mobilitie can connect all major carriers to the Tulsa International Airport. For more information on in-building wireless solutions, visit or contact us at

Mobilitie is a privately-held telecommunications infrastructure company in the United States. Mobilitie wireless infrastructure includes communication towers, indoor and outdoor neutral host DAS networks, small cells, IoT, and Wi-Fi networks.