Mobile operators turn to unlicensed spectrum technologies to manage surge in data consumption

ABI Research´s Unlicensed LTE Technologies has released findings that speculate reported support for unlicensed spectrum technologies, including LTE-LAA and Wi-Fi, will driver indoor small cell market, resulting in overall revenue hitting USD1.8 billion in 2021, the company said.

For the LAA standard, the 3GPP adopted a listen-before-talk channel access mechanism to share the spectrum fairly. The IEEE and Wi-Fi Alliance are developing a coexistence testing process to help stakeholders deliver a harmonized, multi-technology environment in the unlicensed spectrum.

In harmony with the adoption of unlicensed LTE solutions, Wi-Fi remains an essential and well-established element of the indoor connectivity. The availability of multiple access technologies aligns well with the different enterprise requirements and will drive further convergence among these technologies in the years ahead.

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