Mobile marketing platform delivers consumer brand engagements, analytics through "scavenger hunt" selfies

Pay Your Selfie, the app that pays consumers cash to complete selfie tasks, has reached a key milestone: 500,000 selfies taken on its mobile platform, the company said.

The selfies uncover valuable information about who is taking selfies, what activities they enjoy, with whom, and what products and places they prefer.

Launched in September 2015, Pay Your Selfie amplifies digital and mobile strategies for brands by delivering proof of engagement and consumer insights with performance-based, analytics-driven mobile campaigns. Pay Your Selfie has delivered selfie campaigns for a leading national oral care brand, a leading popcorn maker, a high-growth fresh food restaurant, a regional beer brand, and others.

Pay Your Selfie campaigns deliver selfie insights across a variety of categories, including: Consumer “favorites” for food and beverage, health and beauty, books, electronics, home, and more; Destinations and leisure activities, such as dining, travel, sports and outdoors; Charities, non-profits and other causes supported by consumers.

Pay Your Selfie´s mobile marketing platform applies data analytics to uncover valuable insights on consumer lifestyle trends and brand preferences from smartphone images. For consumers, we pay cash for selfies, turning social currency into real currency.