Mobile App tracks wine events, wineries

Wine connoisseur can now use an iOS App called Winematch Connect to track tasting notes.

Winematch Connect App has been launched by Roundbrix, a company in California, using, SIMpalm, a mobile app development company in Washington DC.

WineMatch Connect is a Wine App designed for people that attend Wine Events so they can keep track of the wines or wineries they like. Not only events, you can also use it whenever you go out to a restaurant or like a particular wine. The App has a built-in QR scanner and picture capture technology to scan any wine and save in the app. After you add the wine to your favorites, you can rate it and enter your notes to use them for future reference.

You can now also save wineries that you like instead of a specific wine. Either search for the winery in the search area in the App or scan the winery QR codes at the events where you see a WineMatch QR code on the winery table. You can keep notes on the winery and rate the wineries as well. Users can click the buy button for a specific wine and winery will be notified and they will fulfill the order.