Mobil Satellite Technologies launches iDirect Broadband Service

Mobil Satellite Technologies said it has launched a new high-bandwidth 10 Mbps download X 4 Mbps Ku-Band service for use anywhere in the North America.

This iDirect compatible service offers a great solution for users requiring high-throughput satellite performance while leveraging existing Ku-Band hardware. Ku-Band service operates with longer wavelengths, giving Ku-Band a superior ability to perform through inclement environmental conditions.

The Mobil Satellite Technologies satellite network has been configured to support this new service with 1.2 meter antennas with only an eight watt BUC, which are now available in a small, fan-less form factor that no longer require auxiliary power supplies that allows a simple replacement of the existing BUCs on almost any mobile or fixed 1.2 meter VSAT antenna.

Mobil Satellite Technologies is a major supplier of mobile, portable, and fixed broadband satellite solutions to business and Government customers throughout the USA and internationally. With more than 5,000 satellite systems installed, Mobil Satellite Technologies is currently celebrating their 17th year as a leading provider of mobile and fixed satellite communications.