Mobil Jet Oil 387 approved for Pratt & Whitney engines

ExxonMobil has announced that Mobil Jet Oil 387, a synthetic high performance capability turbine engine oil, has been approved by Pratt & Whitney for use in its PurePower® Geared TurbofanTM 1900G engines, which includes the PW1918G, PW1919G, PW1920G, PW1921G, PW1922G and PW1923G variants, the company said.

PW1900G engines are designed to exclusively power Embraer´s E-Jet E2 E190 and E195 narrow body twin-engine jet airliners, which are scheduled to enter service in 2018.

Along with its load-carrying capabilities, Mobil Jet Oil 387 has custom-made esters and unique additives that help deliver a combination of benefits that have never before been achieved with an HTS or HPC turbine oil. In addition to providing exceptional deposit control and elastomer compatibility, Mobil Jet Oil 387 also offers excellent thermal and oxidation stability, wear protection and low temperature fluidity.

As a result of increasing OEM approvals and continued airline interest in Mobil Jet Oil 387, the oil is now being used to protect more than 300 aircraft around the globe. Today, Mobil Jet Oil 387 has accumulated more than 3 million hours of on-wing performance.

The most advanced turbine engine oil that ExxonMobil has ever produced, Mobil Jet Oil 387 meets demanding industry specifications, including SAE AS5780 High Performance Capability and US Military Specification MIL-PRF-23699-HTS, and is approved for use by engine manufacturers in a wide range of models and components.

Along with Mobil Jet Oil 387, both Mobil Jet Oil II and Mobil Jet Oil 254 are also approved for use in PW1900G models.

All Mobil Jet turbine lubricants, including Mobil Jet Oil 387, are produced at ExxonMobil´s state-of-the-art Port Allen aviation lubricants plant in Baton Rouge, LA. The 90,000 square foot facility, which commenced operations in 2016, features advanced equipment and technologies that enable ExxonMobil to produce a reliable supply of Mobil Jet oils and meet the increasing demand for high-performance synthetic aviation lubricants.

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