MLB airport sees 3.2% increase in passengers

The number of passengers flying in and out of Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB) indicates a 3.2% increase year to date over last year, airport executive director Greg Donovan said.

The information was released concurrent with Elite Airways´ announcement that it had chosen MLB to facilitate the airline´s first international flight, projecting even more international routes to come.

Donovan noted that recent publicity has brought a spotlight on the airport´s proximity to regional theme parks, resulting in an increase of airline interest in the potential of MLB as an alternative from which to operate passenger service.

Airport passenger numbers for February 2017 alone rose 3.6%. MLB is one of the least expensive airports from an airline cost basis, and has the geographical advantage of being centrally located in the heart of Florida tourism. According to the Department of Transportation, passenger ticket prices are within USD 10 of flights from nearby Orlando International Airport (MCO), an amount which is offset by car mileage costs and driving toll fees.

Served by Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Elite Airways, and Porter Airlines, MLB is located on the Atlantic Coast of Florida, convenient to Orlando. It is the closest airport to Port Canaveral cruises, 72 miles of pristine beaches, Cocoa Beach surfing, and NASA´s Kennedy Space Center.