Miracle Flights provides transportation to an 11-year old girl to receive medical care for terminal muscular dystrophy

Miracle Flights has announced it will provide transportation on a Miracle flight to an 11-year-old Las Vegas girl, to receive medical care for a rare, terminal form of muscular dystrophy, the company said.

Miracle Flights, a medical flight charity, provides free plane tickets to help children and their families reach specialized medical care far from home.
As Americans celebrate the miracle of flight on National Aviation Day (August 19), 11-

On August 19, National Aviation day, she will take her sixth Miracle Flight from Las Vegas to Denver for the specialized treatment.

Miracle Flights is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides free air transportation to children and adults who need help reaching specialty medical care only available far from home. The organization, founded in 1985, has provided 129,438 flights and typically books more than 600 flights per month on commercial airlines across the United States.