Miracle Flights launches new outreach program to serve US veterans

Miracle Flights has announced a new outreach program that will provide veterans in need of financial assistance with free plane tickets to any medical facility in the US for specialized medical care, the organization said.

Services include surgeries, rehabilitation programs, service dog training and retrieval, specialized wheelchair fittings, mental health assistance, substance abuse counseling and other complex medical needs.

Already Miracle Flights arranges thousands of commercial flights each year to help patients in the United States gain access to medical resources not available in their local communities.

The outreach program was announced at a special event featuring guest speaker Robert J. O´Neill, a former US Navy SEAL, and co-founder of the nonprofit Your Grateful Nation, raising awareness for the challenges US veterans face after retiring from military service.

Miracle Flights is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free medical air transportation to children and adults via commercial airlines throughout the United States. The organization, founded in 1985, has provided 128,303 flights and currently books an average of 700 flights per month.