MiMedia offers free one-click uploader

MiMedia has launched an easy-to-use, one-click uploader option for users, the company said.

Users can upload all Flickr content, along with Facebook, Dropbox and Google, into a single library with MiMedia at no extra cost.

MiMedia tailors its cloud service exclusively to consumers, providing an elegant visual experience, secure file management and automated organizational tools and private sharing features.

It´s available across all devices (smart phones, tablets, desktop and web) and supports digital file sharing from any operating system (iOS to Android and vice versa). A key feature of MiMedia are their sharing groups, called “MiDrives,” which allow consumers to share personal media privately among family and friends via secure invites, with the option to enable members to chat and contribute content, thus turning a series of images or videos into unforgettable moments and stories.

The process is simple. Users can log-in to MiMedia using either the mobile iOS or Android (smartphones and tablets) app or the desktop uploader app, click the upload button on the top right, and select which platform to import photos, videos, music and documents from.

MiMedia is a next-generation personal cloud. All the photos, videos, music and files you care most about in one spot — safe, organized and accessible always on all devices.