Miles Advisory Group launches virtual staffing solution company

Georgia-based virtual staffing company Belay has been formed to offer remote bookkeeping, copywriting, web support and administrative assistant services, the company said.

The new brand is led by Bryan Miles, cofounder and CEO of Miles AG, a conglomerate company that consisted of several operating units. Miles merged his successful operating units into one full-service virtual staffing solutions provider: Belay.

The leader of a virtual company himself, Miles understands the challenges Belay´s clients face. Executives who lead growing companies often struggle with managing multiple job functions, which can distract them from innovating and serving customers. With help from Belay´s carefully screened experts, leaders can delegate with confidence and take control of their schedules, refocusing their energies.

Belay takes care of the vetting process, finding the right people for the job and matching virtual workers´ skills with client needs across a range of essential business tasks. The company puts a premium on worker commitment and uses effective techniques to create a culture of service to others.