Migrating From One E-Commerce Platform To Another Has Never Been Easier

Are you avoiding making the move from one e-commerce platform to another because of the complexities involved? Well, the truth is that it is quite easy to move from one e-commerce platform to the next when you use the right tools to make the move! 

Shopify Plus is one example of an e-commerce platform that includes a dedicated tool to make it easier to perform a Magento migration. The simple and easy process is almost completely automated and it is not necessary for the user to re-enter data such as product descriptions and prices when switching platforms via a dedicated switching tool. 

Why would you want to switch platforms in the first place?

Not all platforms are created equal and you may be tempted to switch to a different e-commerce platform that meets your unique needs better. Another popular reason for switching between platforms is the total cost of ownership- some platforms cost significantly less than others, especially when using a modular pricing system.

Switching between platforms is not an extremely time-consuming process and you should be able to complete the process in an afternoon. The exact time it will take to transfer all your data from one platform to the next is highly dependant on the size of your business. Companies with many different stock items may take much longer to move across than companies with just a few stock items and transactions. This quick turnaround time is quite advantageous since it doesn’t require you to take your store offline for extended periods of time. 

How to decide when it is time to switch from your current e-commerce platform to a new one

Pulling the trigger on the moving process can be a nerve-wracking experience and it is not always easy to decide when exactly to make the move. The first indicator that it is indeed time to make the change is when your e-commerce platform no longer serves all your needs, this can be because you have outgrown the current system or because the pricing model is not competitive enough when compared with other platforms. 

Switching to a new platform can give you access to the very latest technology and allow you to leverage that technology to boost your bottom line and realize a higher profit margin. If you are still unsure if switching is the right move for you, drawing up simple pros and cons list can be a helpful tool. 

How to minimise the impact of switching between platforms

Minimising the impact of switching from one platform to another is relatively easy. The first step is to let your customers know that your shop will be offline for a certain period of time, you can choose the time when your sales are normally at their lowest to minimise inconvenience to customers. Another simple way to minimise potential problems is to ensure that you use an automated migration tool to move your data across quickly and flawlessly.