Middletown airport considers self-service fueling

Middletown, Ohio City Council has announced that, as the city prepares to take over operations at Middletown Regional Airport, it is considering spending USD 150,000 to set up and maintain a self-serve fueling system at the airport, the council said.

The self-serve fueling service is one of multiple steps the city must take to prepare for its takeover, including setting up office space and performing a recertification of fueling tanks and fueling system.

The city notified the current operator, Start Aviation, that it would not renew its contract when it expires December 31. Start Aviation has been the airport´s operator for more than 10 years.

The city chose to take over, as operator, after receiving numerous service complaints from pilots who were unable to get their planes fueled or serviced because the line services personnel were busy supporting the skydiving operations.

The city will spend USD 15,000 for the cleaning and recertification of the fuel tanks and fueling system as it takes over operations and sets up the self-serve fueling. The city prefers a self-serve model because it saves the costs of an attendant and allows pilots to refuel whenever they would like. The new self-serve system will cost USD 75,000 and another USD 50,000 for engineering and installation.