Microsoft’s Bing to feature Facebook pictures in search results

Microsoft´s search engine Bing will be showing pictures added or shared on Facebook in its search, as the next step of its Facebook features integration that has been going on for quite some time now, the Bing team has announced on its blogspot.

Bing has already integrated other Facebook features in its search options, such as tagging friends in search results and displaying photos on its social sidebar, earlier this year.

The new Friends´ Photo feature allows users to search photos shared by their friends by the album title, the picture title or its caption. At first, relevant photos will be displayed in the sidebar and clicking on an image will allow a user to browse the whole album where the photo is posted, without even leaving Bing.

Another brand new feature is the Friends´ Photos landing page, which takes users to a scrollable page showing all their friends´ photos. The same page will also show all photos that users are tagged in and users´ own albums. Clicking on an image will show it full-size in a sidebar, from where comments and descriptions can be added.

Bing explains that privacy is a priority and the new feature will not compromise its privacy policy. Users will only see photos made viewable by their friends and the images will not reach the general public, the search engine promises.

Source: M2 Bespoke News